"Our vision is to provide a nurturing group living experience where we take time to listen, learn and work together to find a suitable approach that helps young people reach positive outcomes."


Our Staff And Training

Liberty Lodge aims to offer outstanding levels of care by attracting dedicated staff who want to make a difference to the lives of the children in our care. All staff are required to complete a comprehensive induction program and will undertake the CYP diploma level 3 in children and young people.

We invest in our staff and know the importance of developing a committed, well-trained team. We implement both internal and external training courses, suited to the needs of the young people and the development of the home and workforce. We utilise specialist consultants to provide specific guidance so that our staff have all the necessary skills to provide professional care for the young people placed.

There are statutory training programmes in place for all the staff and bespoke training that is suited to the needs of the home.

New training and innovative ideas are highlighted through the internal and external monitoring systems and new training is planned through the homes development and workforce plan.

Determined And Committed Team

The manager of Liberty Lodge has over 18 years of experience working in the residential care sector and his experience and qualifications are all within therapeutic childcare.

Determined to provide high quality therapeutic care, Liberty Lodge offers a holistic care setting and programme that will allow young people to come to terms with past experiences, rebuild their lives and develop the necessary responsibilities to maximise their potential in adult life.

This will be delivered by a well trained, core team of professional staff, that are capable of inspiring and motivating interesting and spirited young people to improve the quality of their lives.

The young people will be cared for in an environment that provides an agreed structure and routine, ensuring young people receive firm and consistent boundaries and the positive attention from adults that many have lacked in their past lives.

It will also be an environment in which they can explore their feelings and emotions in a safe and contained way.