"Our vision is to provide a nurturing group living experience where we take time to listen, learn and work together to find a suitable approach that helps young people reach positive outcomes."


Residential Care Services

  • 24 hour care and supervision
  • Full time education
  • Individual therapy
  • Art therapy
  • Family therapy
  • Therapeutic care and educational assessments
  • Positive role modelling through a key worker system
  • Activities
  • Access to the full range of community based healthcare services
  • Therapeutic and containing group environment
  • Various staffing ratios

Therapeutic Intervention And Assessment

We will consult with Social Workers, parents and other professionals regarding the need for therapeutic intervention and assessment. If it is felt that therapy is required this will be co-ordinated between the home and other parties involved in the child’s care.

Externally we will work closely with CAMHS and other therapeutic services in ensuring that all agencies involved in the care of the young person are working together to best meet the needs of the young person.

Internally we work close with our Clinical Psychologist. Our Clinical Psychologist is an experienced child and adolescent psychiatrist with over 13 years experience in CAMHS with Looked After Children.

Our Clinical Psychologist provides training and consultation to the staff monthly. This supports the Secure Base Model and allows the young people’s Placement Plans to be thought about within a therapeutic context.

Our Clinical Psychologist is able to offer various different therapeutic interventions and assessments to meet the individual needs of the young person.

We are able to work with young people that struggle with emotional health problems, self harm, attachment disorders, sexualised behaviour, CSE issues, ASC, ADHD, trauma and abuse, eating disorders and behavioural and anger conditions.

The young people’s progress in regards to their emotional wellbeing is assessed and monitored through the secure base progress charts.


Liberty Lodge operates a separately registered independent school that is attached to the home. This allows us to provide personalised education and care packages to the young people placed. Allowing for continuity of care and education to be provided within small nurturing settings.

Please visit the school site for further details.

Liberty Lodge considers that learning is an integral part of the homes care and education. Achievements are recognised by praise, positive reinforcement and the careful use if incentives. We believe that learning should be a self rewarding activity and that it is the role of all staff to encourage and nurture this. Staff will attend all presentations and school events to celebrate the child’s achievements with them.

All attempts will be made to enable the young people to re-engage with mainstream education and where needed the home will accompany and support children who find the first steps to re-entering the child’s mainstream education difficult.

Staff will always liaise closely with Liberty lodge school and other schools and support them in dealing with any issues; they will attend all PEP Reviews, Reviews Of Statement of Educational Needs, facilitate meetings with the school to discuss progress or concerns, and where necessary the child’s praise and reward scheme will include attendance and behaviour in school.

Our staff attend presentations, parents evenings (where appropriate), open days or sporting events to supports the child in a parental capacity.

Home tuition will also be considered should this be required by engaging suitably vetted tutors for the subjects required.

Should a child need to be home tutored or be excluded from their main place of education and they are unable to attend Liberty Lodge school, Liberty Lodge will continue to encourage learning and will provide:


  • Quiet study area
  • Access to a PC and Printer
  • Access to a library (external)
  • Educational outings and activities
  • Personal learning support

Preparation For Adulthood

Liberty Lodge will encourage all children to enter into a programme which encourages and promotes being self – sufficient and learning new skills once this has been agreed with their placing authority, these will vary in their planning and delivery according to the child’s needs. Programmes will be broken down into small achievable sections and children may b set short and long term goals which are challenging but achievable. Staff support will be build into the programmes to insure the child feels supported and remains positive.

For children moving towards independence the home will implement a life skills programme as part of their transition. This will include basic skills which they will need once they have moved into semi – independent living. Staff will help with a range of skills which may include budgeting, completing application forms, cooking, CV’s, preparation for employment, building on personal resilience.

If a child is likely to move back to their family or into foster care the home will look at the difficulties the children may encounter and work towards coping strategies for both the child and the family/carers.

Liberty Lodge may also fund additional courses for the children as part of their independance programme. These include driving lessons, driving tests etc.