"Our vision is to provide a nurturing group living experience where we take time to listen, learn and work together to find a suitable approach that helps young people reach positive outcomes."


Make A Referral

Initial enquiries and informal visits (by appointment only) are welcome.
A planned admission to Liberty Lodge is preferred to ensure therapeutic, care and educational plans are properly matched to the young person’s requirements. However we also recognize that young people can be in crisis and we can accept emergency referrals if they match the appropriate criteria and a matching and initial risk assessment is completed and agreed.

If accepted, our staff will welcome a young person at short notice and help them safely manage the crisis facing them. Our experienced staff will engage, reassure and stabilize the young people.

On completion of our referral documentation, an initial placement plan and matching risk assessment will be made as to Liberty Lodge’s ability to meet the young person’s needs. These will be devised in line with local authority care planning and will be agreed by local authorities placing the young person.

If these initial assessments suggest that their needs can be met and where appropriate, an informal visit to the young person will be arranged to assess the likely benefit of a placement at Liberty Lodge. Following this, a formal visit will be arranged to allow the young person, parents or guardians and local authority representative to visit the home.

A decision will be then made and the process of transition will commence.

Please use contact details below

Telephone : 01473 218814

Email : info@libertylodge.com